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Rising in Beauty
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Just Learning
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

"'Tis spring, 'tis spring,
Da boid is on da wing.
Absoid, absoid,
Da wing is on da boid.'"
Ogden Nash

Apologies to any members of my family, who have heard this silly ditty too often.

To me, it's the unexpected lyricism of the New York taxi driver, craning his/her neck to look at a blue sky far above the traffic jam. Unexpected only because of stereotypes about cynical attitudes and hardened sensibilities, and about certain accents' incompatibility with a love of language and literature.

Very soon, thousands and thousands of trees will leaf out and bloom on the streets and in the parks of the city. Migrating birds will rest in Jamaica Bay. Robins will puff their foolish chests and sing for mates.

May we humans care for our environment so that the miracle can continue.

(One of the loveliest robin flying photos on Flickr.com is called Leap of Faith, by moriarti-Ryan.)


Paul Bernard said...

Hi Irene,

Just read your post at The Daily Tale.

I see you like Conan and The Matrix.

If you look back at my older stories, you'll definitely find a hook. There's strange stuff to see!

Goodnight Irene,


Irene Grumman said...

Dear Paul,

Last night I watched Quest for Fire on HULU.com. Fascinating!

I left comments on earlier stories on your blog. You're terrific.

Jonathan said...

Nice to read tidbits on spring in San Diego. Happy Easter to you.