Rising in Beauty

Rising in Beauty
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Just Learning

Just Learning
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Make It Rhyme

These are some old writing warmup exercises I did:

Legs strengthen
Steps lengthen
Not long
Still strong
Leap the hedge
Pull the sedge
Make a wedge

Eyes guaging
Tears assauging
Coming home
Coming home

Greasy garage
Needs lavage
Oily water
Hadn't oughter
Sludge down pipes
And reach the beach

The judge
Ate fudge
Held a grudge
Wouldn't budge

Warriors clank
Rank on rank
Lift sword
Pause, awed,
Tigris banks
Full of tanks
Tanks full of Yanks
Gas masks
Sergeant Asks -
Elephant totem?
Scratches scrotum
Squints at light;
"On! We fight!"

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