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Just Learning
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Friday, August 3, 2007

Farmer's Market

Yesterday my neighbor and I went to the Farmer's Market in North Park. Supper last night was a chocolate crepe shared with my neighbor, then sharp cheddar, crackers, a red, red, sweet tomato, salty black olives, and garlic stuffed olives, while gazing at a single spray of purple orchids in my favorite vase.


Jon said...

Likewise... I stopped at a local (non-national) market Friday and was so relived to discover one still existed and was flourishing. With plans to bring my family back I only obtained the strangest watermelon I ever saw and wow, was it good !

Irene Grumman said...

Thanks, Jon!

I also bought organic white peaches. They were so much better than the ones I had from my supermarket, which until then I thought were pretty good. People are losing out on the great taste of really fresh local fruit and their many varieties. Food that has to be shipped long distances and have good shelf life often sacrifices taste and vitamins for the sake of durability. Of course, when fruit is out of season locally, it is great to be able to buy them anyway, but they do not taste the same.