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Friday, July 27, 2007

Berries and Angelcake

Hot summer days suddenly mean ripe berries - very ripe berries. The local supermarket has been unloading the best, ripest strawberries I've ever seen at the lowest price I've ever seen. Big, crimson and deeeep red strawberries that taste wonderful.

A friend has been nagging me to approach a neighbor about gathering some of the black mulberries that are just falling all over the sidewalk. We got permission, and picked some today. We should have worn raincoats. Black mulberries grow on a tree with low, spreading branches. I reached up to pick a beauty, and brilliant red-purple juice flowed down my hand and arm. It was like picking blackberries as a little kid, eating two for every one that made it into the container, giggling and making a glorious mess. Black mulberries taste a little like concord grapes. They're almost a sweet wine when they're as ripe as this.

So then I went back to the supermarket and bought more strawberries, and angelcake. Nuff said.


Grant Barrett said...

Oh no! There's an easier way. You spread a sheet on the ground below and you poke and knock at the branches with broom handles. Then you take up the sheet, holding pairs of corners together longwise, and tilt its contents into a bucket or large bowl. Then you pick out the sticks, leaves, and bugs, and then you're ready to make them into a sweetish, bitter pie. They work well in blackberry recipes or as a supplemental fruit in rhubarb.

Irene Grumman said...

Hi, Grant! Thanks for the advice.